Global Trendwatching

Global Trendwatching

Our Minorstudents have been talking to key creatives in the creative city of Amsterdam.

What are the goals of these frontrunners?
And what about their visions?

The future inspiringly explained in compelling podcasts.
Listen and enjoy!

George Schouten: The Power of Not Knowing


Young entrepreneurs Constantine Wahle and Kick van Doorn brings you SKANDL; a co creative agency which collaborates with diverse (freelance) […]


Rotterdam Airlines Music producer Maguire tells is story about the start of his career and his view of the current […]

THE MOVEMENT EP.2 – DJ Donny de Soet

Entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit is something that is in your blood. Some people dream small, but Donny likes to […]

Inspiration Interviews Bosch

We’ve talked to Luuk Brinkman, head of Digital Marketing at BSH Group in the Netherlands. He told us everything there […]

Jessica Denkelaar – webdeveloper at Digital Rebel

Jessica Denkelaar is a webdeveloper who works at Digital Rebel in Amsterdam. She makes commercial and corporate websites, and sometimes […]

Gijs Determeijer – co-owner and creative director of Halal

In this episode, we speak with Gijs Determeijer. Gijs is one of the owners of Halal, a video production company […]

Rogier Smalhout – creative mind behind Appelsap Fresh Music Festival Amsterdam

Rogier ‘de Reiger’ Smalhout is the co-founder and creative director behind Appelsap Fresh Music Festival. Appelsap is one of the […]

Guido Lok – co-owner and co-founder of online platform

In this episode, we speak with Guido Lok, who is a young enterpreneur and student Product Design. Guido is the […]


We are Kidchen. This is a kitchen who playful learn young kids how to behave in there. We talk about […]

Marcel Bullinga – The future of food

Podcast by Maaike Hoogenboom and Roos Groenen.

Can IOT products be designed to last a lifetime?

Roxanne Wilm – The Creative Industry #4

Freelance Set & Costume Designer – Roxanne Wilm Since our first day of the minor Global Trendwatching, we’ve been trying […]

Maurice Roethof – The Creative Industry #3

A true entrepreneur – Maurice Roethof Since our first day of the minor Global Trendwatching, we’ve been trying to find […]

Amsterdam – a city that exudes creativity

A collection of the thoughts from the people we’ve interviewed, where Amsterdam as a city was the main focus.

Miha Tursic and space research

Slovenian-born Miha Turšič, project developer at The Waag Society, studies life in space. Not how to breathe or eat there, but […]

Lotte Grol – The Creative Industry #2

Lotte is an intern at a fashion store, called OU. She is going to explain what they do with trends […]

Edith Buenen – The Creative Industry #1

Edith is an illustrator, she is going to explain how being a illustrator changed during the years. She’s been doing […]

Charlotte de Weerd – The Creative Industry #2

I am creative in marketing strategies – Charlotte de Weerd Since the first day of our minor Global Trendwatching we […]

Maarten Terpstra – The Creative Industry #1

The Knowledge Mile is my way of helping this environment – Maarten Since the first day of our minor Global […]

Bosch Household Appliances Interview

As global trendwatching students, we were given the task to talk to people about their use of household appliances.  In […]

The vision of students – The Creative Industry #4

After our last podcast with teacher Ron van der Wal, we’re wondering what would students think of the creative industry? […]

Ron van der Wal – The Creative Industry #3

I don’t want to be a teacher and I don’t think I am – Ron van der Wal Since the […]

Blogger Influencer Austria

There is always something next

  We ask, Ilja Jay answers – A podcast about creativity Ilja Jay Lawal is a Vienna based blogger, has his […]

MC host Party Clubbing

You might be the next billionaire

A podcast with John James about creativity and trends Growing up in the Caribbean and the United States, John James […]