Global Trendwatching

Global Trendwatching

Our Minorstudents have been talking to key creatives in the creative city of Amsterdam.

What are the goals of these frontrunners?
And what about their visions?

The future inspiringly explained in compelling podcasts.
Listen and enjoy!

Blogger Influencer Austria

There is always something next

  We ask, Ilja Jay answers – A podcast about creativity Ilja Jay Lawal is a Vienna based blogger, has his […]

MC host Party Clubbing

You might be the next billionaire

A podcast with John James about creativity and trends Growing up in the Caribbean and the United States, John James […]

Teacher HvA Global Trendwatching

Destruction was my Beatrice

A podcast about creativity with Robert Simon Born in New York City, Robert Simon has been living in different european […]

THE MOVEMENT EP.1 – Bete Photography

For modern humans, it is essential to capture meaningful moments into a picture. This does not only count for people […]

Be So Happy – Go Vegan

Going vegan is predicted to be one of the biggest food trends of 2018. We started to look for healthy […]

Interview with Fred Vandermarliere – Cortès

Nowadays there is a range of different companies. Some of them already exist for 100 years, others just emerged. For […]

The Amsterdam Experience, Episode 4 – Jamil Mensah & Kelly Zoethout

Jamil Mensah and Kelly Zoethout are some very passionate students. In September, they started their pop-up store Spott. in Amsterdam. […]

The Amsterdam Experience, Episode 3 – Daan Ubachs

Daan Ubachs is the co-founder of the clothing line Unrobe in Amsterdam. Their motto is undressing the industry by undressing […]

The Amsterdam Experience, Episode 2 – Valerie Pretscher

Valerie Pretscher is part of the expansion team of Zoku in Amsterdam. As a team member of the Zoku clan, […]

Sophie Amalie Fälling – a young entrepreneur

Going her own way, is what leads Sophie Amalie to success as an young entrepreneur. She gives her advices on […]

Casperle -children’s bookstore

Entering this children’s bookstore located in the Pijp, is like walking into a real book for kids. The colorful place […]


STA! brings people together through a shared passion; theatre. The chairwoman Maaike tells about how the student organisation create histories […]

The Cat Boat

Simone is a volunteer on The Cat Boat on one canal in middle of Amsterdam. She tells about the history […]

Jurre Ongering on innovating traditional healthcare

Beneath a ceiling covered in colorful coats of arms from the medieval buildings, De Waag, earlier inhabitants sits Jurre Ongering. […]

Jeffrey Dral – AMFI-student and spacial design intern

Jeffrey Dral is a Fashion and Branding student at AMFI and is currently doing an internship at the Marcel Wander […]

Matthijs Bakker – Marketing and Communications at FOAM

This week we interviewed Matthijs Bakker, who is a former hva-student and works now as marketing and communication manager at […]

The Amsterdam Experience, Episode 1 – Kapi Alem

Kapi Alem is the Membership Manager at the soon to come Soho house & Co in Amsterdam. As Membership Manager, […]

A local community to stimulate innovation

At first glance the Amsterdam Knowledge Mile is no different than any other road in the city. The roads are […]

Anja Groten – Designing in the Houthavens

Anja Groten is a German Freelance Designer who has been living in Amsterdam since 2009. She works with several collectives, […]

Job Jan Altena – The story around books

Job Jan Altena is a PR- and communications advisor at CPBN. Job Jan started his career working for a dutch […]

Food Talks – Podcast

What is the future of food? This is a tough question to answer, so we got ourselves some professional help […]

Identify end goals before starting a project, marketing manager urges

With a background in the financial sector, Annette Reijersen van Buuren hadn’t previously thought of a career in the publishing […]

The Movement Podcast #1 – Jan Tijssen

Jan Tijssen A freelance visual designer, animator, videographer and front-end developer based in Amsterdam  

Medium of the future: Podcasting

“There isn’t a more intimate medium imaginable than this.” Marvin Jacobs says. Podcasts are starting to become mainstream. The problem […]

Brilliant evening on self programming cars

Tuesday 13th of March we have had this tremendous evening at De Waag (Amsterdam) where all students tried to program […]